Welcome to The Catalyst

Welcome to The Catalyst, a mostly crypto-focused blog by me, DCinvestor (aka, Aftab Hossain). If you’re here, you probably know me for my musings on Twitter and Reddit. This blog won’t be much different, but sometimes I need more than 280 characters to express my thoughts. Alongside Reddit, this will be one of the places where I’ll provide longer-form perspectives.

Most of my commentary will focus on 1) Ethereum & other decentralized blockchains, 2) DeFi, 3) NFTs, and 4) other evolving topics related to cryptocurrency.

I believe there’s a lot to a name- so why did I choose “The Catalyst”?

In scientific terms, a catalyst is a substance which facilitates a chemical reaction. In more conventional parlance, it refers to something which precipitates a notable change. Far from being an end unto itself, I believe cryptocurrency, and in particular decentralized programmable blockchains such as Ethereum, will radically transform our civilization.

The changes they bring will take time, but will touch nearly every aspect our of our lives- from how we conduct commerce with one another, to how we store value, and ultimately to how we define foundational concepts like “coordination” and “trust.” We are just a little over a decade into this journey- one which will take decades more to unfold.

In my view, public blockchains / cryptocurrencies are the ultimate catalyst for enacting those changes. We will look back on this technology (realized in the form of “digital scarcity”) as a fundamental building block for our civilization. Eventually, it will become ubiquitous, but will seemingly fade into the background as something we just accept and take for granted- not unlike the modern Internet. But as we get to that point, those who choose to pay attention may consciously observe the economic and social changes this technology will bring to bear. I hope to highlight some of those changes as they occur, and offer perspectives on more tactical topics of interest too.

I’ll only post here intermittently when I feel like I have something interesting to say, and I can’t promise to be too coherent as a regular publication. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we decentralize the world, and as I periodically reflect on it here.